I travelled across the sea to a land of ancient civilizations, and I felt its hidden magic unfold around me.

New at Pintadera

Lingua & Yoga

Combine an Italian language course at Pintadera with a Yoga Retreat at Easter! In collaboration with our friends at the Centro MIVA in the seaside town of Bosa, we propose to you a 3 day program in which you will "find your balance and tap into the unbounded potential of your consciousness". Special offer for your "Lingua" group course...

Catch the wave!

Catch the Wave” is for those of you that wish to get to know more of Sardinia.  Pintadera has joined forces with our colleagues at l’Accademia in Cagliari and I like it in Olbia to present to you a package that will ensure a coordinated, intense Italian language and culture program  while you  personally discover why Sardinia is referred to as being “almost a continent”.

MATCHSI an Erasmus+ Partnership Project

Pintadera is proud to announce that we are participating in an exciting Erasmus+ Partnership Project called MATCHSI. We have the honor of working with the best of Europe's experts in the field of EU mobility projects from England, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

Accredited by the University of Foreigners of Siena as an authorized examination center for the CILS certificate.