I travelled across the sea to a land of ancient civilizations, and I felt its hidden magic unfold around me.

New at Pintadera

New dates for CILS certificate

The University of Siena has added new dates for the sitting of the CILS (Certificato d'Italiano come Lingua Seconda) Exam and Pintadera offers special preparatory courses.

New Culture courses at Pintadera!

This summer we propose two new exciting seminars as part of our Cultura program. The "Centenarians" investigates why Sardinia is home to one of the 5 worldwide blue zones which are areas where people live much longer than average.
"Is Atlantis in Sardinia?" investigates the theory of the lost city of Atlantis being located in Sardinia. Plato described the kingdom of Atlas "an island larger than Libya and Asia, whose inhabitants were tower builders." What do you think?

Accredited by the University of Foreigners of Siena as an authorized examination center for the CILS certificate.